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Joinus International Consulting Corporation (referred to “JUCC”), the one you can follow up into Canada.

The world has become a global village today, “out of the country" has been a direction in all different kinds of industries, whether the groups or individuals. As a representative of multiculturalism, Canada plays a unique role in the exploration of Chinese and Western culture by the great converts of race and culture in the world. JUCC, as an international consulting company, is a combination of immigration, human resources, education and training, financial investment, real estate investment, pension services and other integrated professional consulting services. Our one-stop platform provides customers with optimized business opportunities, job opportunities and the highest quality school resources, exquisite services in international exchange training, Canada’s work experience, global asset allocation, overseas investment mergers and acquisitions, identity arrangements, and every details of the settlement’s needs. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, it has a team of local licensed consultants in Canada, as well as a number of partner units such as the National talent association of Canada and local chambers of commerce, which have successfully helped many international students, new immigrants, international executives and entrepreneurs live and work in Canada.

Our aim is: integrity, professional, high-level, exquisite.